Client Info

Career Network Personnel Guarantee

Career Network Personnel (CNP) guarantees each candidate will comply with the client requirements for the position. Further, CNP will replace the candidate immediately, if for any reason the CNP temporary does not meet or perform their job to our client’s satisfaction. Additionally, CNP will always place a “status” call to the department utilizing the temporary after the first hours on their first day to ensure client satisfaction of this candidate.

CNP success in Houston is built on over 20 years of service excellence. We understand that quality service is critical to retaining a strong continued business relationship with our clients.

Career Network Personnel/TFI Invoicing

Career Network Personnel will submit all the proper paper work to CNP Payroll Administrator (TFI Resources) in order to generate weekly invoices to our clients. All invoices are to be paid in a timely manner to TFI Resources.

CNP invoice policy with TFI is to send our clients a hard copy of the invoices on a weekly basis. Our standard invoice provides the client with the following information automatically;ยท

  • Invoice Number
  • Name of Employee
  • Classification
  • Week Ending Date
  • Hourly Billing Rate
  • Hours Worked
  • Total Bill Amount

At the request of our client additional information may be included on the invoice.

Career Network Personnel Candidate Testing

Data Entry Skill Assessment

CNP data entry exercise allows us to evaluate speed and accuracy for Standard Numeric and/or Alphanumeric data. Printed results tell us the candidates degree of computer aptitude, literacy, and speed of the candidate in terms of keystrokes and documents per hour and accuracy by number of errors and error rate percentage.

Office Software Skill Testing

CNP comprehensive testing capabilities includes a variety of PC based packages. CNP testing software is updated every 3 months’ which allows CNP the ability to test all candidate on industry standard software applications such as MS office 95, 97 and 2000. These programs have been designed to evaluate the applicant skill level (basic, intermediate, and advanced) as well as provide separate scores for each application which calculates proficiency, general knowledge and advanced skills, these scores can be provide to our client prior to scheduling interviews.

Candidate Screening

Verification of Employment

All CNP employees are reference checked prior to employment. During the interview each candidate is given reference check forms which they sign and leave with their Staffing Specialist. These forms authorize the release of information regarding their previous experience.References for either the previous three employers or the past five years of employment will be verified. Reference checks are conducts by phone and mail method

It is CNP policy to verify a minimum of five (5) years of employment. All reference checks are performed over the telephone, with mailed reference checks being used only when the reference is unavailable by telephone.

In addition, three (3) personal references (not relatives) are requested and verified. References are retained in our files for future use. In utilizing this reference check system, CNP has the assurance of our employees’ work experience and performance.

Verification of Education

It is CNP policy to verify all education information, even if the position is not dependent upon a degree, CNP will complete verification prior to assignment.

Verification of Work Eligibility

In compliance with the Immigration Reform Act, CNP intends to hire only persons who are citizens, persons lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or an alien authorized by the Attorney General or the Immigration Act to be employed in the United States.All newly hired employees are required to provide CNP with proof of work eligibility, as required for completion of Form I-9, U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Criminal Background Investigation

CNP has the ability to provide national, county or municipal background investigations prior to the assignment of an employee. CNP has established an account with a National Provider, which conducts all background investigation. CNP will provide the criminal background investigation at no charge to our client.

CNP Standard Investigation consist of:
A 7-year Multi-County Felony Criminal Record Search (search in all listed countries of residence and employment during the previous five years.

Additional Screening Procedures

Based upon customer specific programs and requirements, CNP can offer additional screening in areas including, but not limited to: drug screening, fingerprinting, and credit checks.

Drug Screening

CNP supports a drug-free work environment, therefore, we will arrange for a direct billed account to be set-up in our client’s name at the negotiated price reserved for CNP. Additionally CNP is prepared to assist each client with scheduling of appointments, communication with candidate regarding test results (both positive/ negative) and will furnish written copy of results to the client prior to assignments.


CNP will administer fingerprinting based upon individual client request. The pricing reflected will include only the actual process of taking the fingerprints and does not include a subsequent evaluation of the prints. Should our client require fingerprinting beyond the scope of our proposed services, we would be please to comply and readjust the pricing for more extensive services.

Credit Checks

CNP will perform a credit check only at the request of our clients. The Credit Check service will be billed directly to our client at the negotiated cost for CNP.