Employee Info

Employee Information

Career Network Personnel is pleased to offer our temporary/ contract employees an array of excellent benefits and services:

Holiday Pay:

Vacation Pay:
CNP employees are entitled to a one-week paid vacation after working 2080 hours within a 52-week period.

CNP employees may be eligible to be paid for (5) holidays per year: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

To qualify for this benefit the employee must work (13) consecutive weeks before the holiday. The holiday will be paid at the average hourly rate during the 13-week period. Employees will be paid for the number of straight time hours that are associated with their work shift.

Timecards are due into CNP payroll administrator (TFI Resources) by Monday at noon, they may be faxed or dropped off at the TFI office. It is the temporary employees responsibility to turn in the time card. Payday is the first Tuesday, after 5 p.m., following the first week worked. Temporaries are given the opportunity to pick-up their check or it will be mailed to the temporary residence.

TFI Benefits/ Services:

Career Network Personnel payroll administrator (TFI Resources) can provide additional benefits to our contract/ temporary employees. Below is an outline of benefits currently available to CNP contract/ temporary employees through TFI Resources:

Direct Deposit of Payroll
Direct deposit of payroll checks is available to employees whose assignments are expected to last longer than ten days.

Mayor Medical
Various deductibles and co-insurance choices are available. Policy terms can extend beyond the completion of the work assignment. Traditional indemnity or PPO choices are offered. Dependent and spousal coverage can be included.

Dental/Vision Plans
Dental and vision discounts are offered through a national network of healthcare professional.

Life Insurance Plans
A variety of life insurance plans are available, ranging from temporary short-term life insurance to long-term whole life policies.

Credit Union Membership
In some states, credit union membership is available. Check with TFI for details.

To obtain additional information regarding TFI benefits and services send e-mail to[email protected]¬†or contact TFI directly at (713) 975-7576.

CNP Office Hours/Communication

 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. Р6:00 p.m., 24-hour voice mail at 713-861-8620 or fax 713-861-0770.